Meekah’s Dedication

Leighanne & Gordon have brought an amazing little girl into the world – she’s too precious! On a Saturday afternoon they had her dedicated in front of family and friends, to God. A commitment to bring her up to know Christ and His love for her. Here are just a few shots of the lovely treats, family & friends.

IMG_0005_meekahdedication IMG_0009_meekahdedication IMG_0012_meekahdedication IMG_0014_meekahdedication IMG_0017_meekahdedication IMG_0018_meekahdedication IMG_0019_meekahdedication IMG_0022_meekahdedication IMG_0024_meekahdedication IMG_0030_meekahdedication IMG_0041_meekahdedication IMG_0044_meekahdedication IMG_0046_meekahdedication IMG_0047_meekahdedication IMG_0056_meekahdedication IMG_0111_meekahdedication IMG_0120_meekahdedication IMG_0122_meekahdedication IMG_0126_meekahdedication IMG_0130_meekahdedication IMG_0136_meekahdedication_1IMG_0145_meekahdedication

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