Take in the view…

So, it has been a while since what has been dubbed “the babymoon” but this cold weather is making me reminisce and long to be back on the beach. My husband and I spent an amazing 10 days in the Transkei, Wild Coast, travelling to the most incredible, secluded spots ever. If you haven’t travelled to the Transkei – you need to do it, like yesterday! it’s always been one of my favourite holiday destinations. Here is a snapshot of some of the amazing views that we woke up to and were in awe of!

Our first stop was Wild Lubanzi Backpackers – perched on a hill in the middle of nowhere. Fresh bread baked daily, lovely company and as always, some feline friends!

1_001_babymoonholiday_1 1_001_babymoonholiday_2 1_010_babymoonholiday_2 1_011_babymoonholiday_1 1_014_babymoonholiday_2 1_016_babymoonholiday_1 1_017_babymoonholiday_2 1_019_babymoonholiday_2 1_025_babymoonholiday_2 1_031_babymoonholiday_2 1_035_babymoonholiday_2 1_036_babymoonholiday_2 1_039_babymoonholiday_2

Our second stop (the luxurious pitstop) was Umngazi River Bungalows – we were treated like royalty; buffet meals, tea in between meals, drinks by the pool and stunning weather.

2_001_babymoonholiday_3_1 2_001_babymoonholiday_3 2_004_babymoonholiday_3 2_009_babymoonholiday_3

Our final stop was literally off the beaten track… The perfect view, surrounded by just a few rural huts, a cottage with hot running water, a gas stove and fridge but no lights… Playing cards by candle light and staring up at the brightest stars I have ever seen. This was the ultimate place to relax, I would recommend it to anyone!

3_004_babymoonholiday_4 3_004_babymoonholiday_5 3_006_babymoonholiday_4 3_008_babymoonholiday_5 3_011_babymoonholiday_5 3_012_babymoonholiday_5_1 3_042_babymoonholiday_5

Interested in visiting the Transkei? Take a look at these links to the places we visited…
Wild Lubanzi Backpackers: http://www.wildlubanzi.co.za
Umngazi River Bungalows: http://www.umngazi.co.za
Mgcnibe Cottage: http://www.safarinow.com/go/MgcnibeCottageAndCamping/

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