2014 and everything NEW!


I want to wish everyone a happy new year! (I know it is almost the end of January! Can you believe it?!) I also wanted to update everyone on news and exciting things that have been happening in the past few months…

A few weeks ago my husband and I made a rather big move to Johannesburg, where he was relocated for work. As much as I grew to love Cape Town, I must say, Gauteng is a lovely place. I am so looking forward to a new year, filled with new opportunities. I have been fairly quiet these past few months, preparing for the move etc. but I can say with absolute confidence, that 2014 is a year that is going to be so exciting and very busy!

In other news – we are also expecting our first child! The little one, who has been dubbed “the Birklet” is expected to arrive at the end of July 2014. I will continue to shoot leading up to this and will be on leave and off my feet from the beginning of July to the middle of September 2014. So I hope to squeeze in many photo shoots before then! I am so excited for this new phase in our life as a family and there is no doubt that this will be the most photographed child, ever!


I plan to make 2014 a jam-packed, goal-orientated, positive year – despite all the NEW things and the busyness that lies ahead.

Once again, thank you to everyone – clients, family, friends and strangers who I meet along the way. I look forward to meeting new clients and capturing memorable images, in this wonderful new city that I get to call “HOME”

love, Mikayla

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